What is Travel Health?

Travel Health is a newly established international travel clinic in Athens, Greece which provides medical services to all international travelers, especially when your travel destinations include third world countries in the continents of Africa, Asia or South America. Travel Health will give you advice on preventing illness from tropical diseases which exist in various parts of the world. Our fully experienced medical staff provides special knowledge and expertise in all areas of tropical medicine and will help you address special problems which may arise during air travel, boat travel, mountain climbing, scuba diving or travel to remote areas with dire living conditions.

A few words about the founder of "Travel Health"

Dr. Athena Stoupis, MD is the Director of Travel Health at Athens Medical Center in Athens, Greece. Dr. Stoupi, has trained and worked in medical Institutions of the U.S. including, Northwestern University in Chicago, University of Illinois in Chicago, and Brown University of Providence, RI. She has received an honors award by the American College of Physicians. She was an Infectious Diseases Consultant and Fellow of the Infectious Diseases Department of Brown University travel clinic and tuberculosis clinic for 5 years. For the past 12 years she has been the Director of the Infectious Diseases Department of Athens Medical Center and is the founder of “Travel Health” travel clinic. She also works as an Infectious Diseases consultant at Onassis Cardiovascular Medical Center.